International Kierkegaard Seminars
The Sickness Onto Death 2020

Saturday, August 15-Saturday, August 22, 2020, a unique research seminar will be held on Kierkegaard's The Sickness Unto Death. Throughout a week (23 hours) we will concentrate on a detailed close reading and interpretation of the work's central passages. The crucial thing is the interpretation of the individual pieces of text, but at the same time, the seminar leaders will include the most important parts of the extensive research tradition that has dealt with The Sickness Unto Death. In particular, the relationship between Anti-Climacus, the other pseudonyms and Søren Aabye Kierkegaard will be discussed. The seminar will take place in Italy in the beautiful Renaissance town of Pacentro two hours drive from Rome. To ensure the high level of the seminar, the number of participants is limited to between eight and twelve. Deadline for registration: The first of March 2020. Registration can be done at the bottom of the page.

The seminar is held jointly by the two well-known Kierkegaard researchers. Both have throughout their lives engaged with Kierkegaard's writings, and their different approaches to the work are something that will give the seminar a very special depth.

Gordon Marino - Professor at St. Olaf Collage and Director of The Hong Kierkegaard Library

Poul Lübcke - Professor emiritus from University of Copenhagen


Pacentro é come era una volta


Although the city is only two hours away from Rome and its vibrant life, Pacentro is characterized by that calm and originality that has almost disappeared in modern life. The city is therefore well suited for the immersion required by a serious seminar. At the same time, the city has a number of exclusive restaurants and a charming life in the city's cozy cafés. Finally, the location in the middle of the nature park is ideal for anyone who appreciates hiking.

Abruzzo - the unknown Italy

When traveling from Rome to the east in the direction of the Adriatic, you enter Abruzzo. The area has only one million inhabitants, which are spread over an area only slightly less than Denmark. The area is largely unknown and completely without influence of mass tourism. The old customs and original food art are therefore still intact.

The Original Italy

Getting to Pacentro is like going back in time. Most of the houses were built in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance or the Baroque, and the town belongs to the small exclusive circle of the city that holds on to the
city being left as it was. The old, crooked streets exude history and romance. At the same time, the city has a unique view of one of Italy's largest nature
parks, for which there is direct access for those who want to walk in nature.


COURSE FEES: 2.000 $
This price covers administrative costs, renting of a room for the seminar, fees for the seminar leaders and VAT

The price for airline tickets varies according to which airline company you choose, where you want to go, when, you order the tickets, how much you want to bring, whether you want a specific space, whether you want cancellation insurance etc. As this is very individual, We have chosen to ask the participants to book tickets themselves. If you want to use the possibility of common transport to and from Rome-Pacentro, please consider when the car is driving from the airport.

When registering, you can book participation in a common transport service from the airport to Pacentro - and trips from Pacentro to other towns during your stay. Airport and departure time are provided immediately after 1.3.2020. 

Of course you might also rent your own car at the airport for a very reasonable price.


When registering, you can book a stay at the city's best Bed and Breakfast - just five minutes walk from the room where the course is held. The price covers 7 nights in single rooms with bath. The breakfast, which is known for its high standard, is included in the price.

LUNCH AND DINNER:           80-300 $

Pacentro has several good restaurants at reasonable prices. The same goes for the restaurants in the area. Depending on what you want to eat and drink, a meal will cost between 10 and 30 $. A cup of good coffee costs approx. 1 $ at the city bars. All in all, one has to count on between 80 $ and 300 $ for dining - depending on the menu. Of course, special wine wishes will raise the price.

Online reservation

Deadline for reservation: 1.3.2020. We will confirm your reservation via email. When you sign up, please deposit $ 200